Who We Are

Asian Century Foundation aims to build capacity for knowledge exchange among India and countries of the Global South. We do this by creating avenues for Indian academia to research and for practitioners and policymakers to engage and work with their peers and top experts in other Global South countries.

Asian Century Foundation is a non-profit organization. All our work is focused on developmental areas of priority to India.

Why Now

Emerging Global Influence

The Global South encompasses around three quarters of the world’s population, and Asia alone accounts for over half. This century is widely expected to be the Asian Century, with growing economies in Asia collectively overtaking the West in size and scale. 

Recent Rapid Growth

Rapid growth in countries of the Global South in the past few decades presents both a challenge and a learning opportunity. Each region has its own rich and unique experience of socio-economic development. It is now crucial to better understand the trajectories, good practices, and shared challenges within these countries.

Historical Significance

Asia has some of the oldest continuous civilizations in the world. Dating back to 200 BCE, these cultures have engaged in areas such as mathematics, astronomy, and medicine. Asian countries share a rich history of travel, trade, and knowledge cross-pollination across the world.

Cultural and Ecological Diversity

The Global South is home to the most diverse populations and cultures, with a wide variety of topographies and habitats. We recognize the multifaceted identity of the Global South in an effort to imbue our work with the necessary nuance.

Our Approach

The Asian Century Foundation aims to make an impact through our work in the areas of Education and Knowledge & Policy.


The Education vertical is committed to advancing high quality and accessible scholarly work that enables a deep and holistic understanding of our Asian neighbours amongst academia – scholars, students, educational institutions, policy makers and practitioners.

Knowledge & Policy

The Knowledge and Policy vertical aims to identify and enable exchange of meaningful and relevant knowledge, experiences and learnings in developmental areas of priority. At this moment in history, countries in the Global South have more in common with each other, and offer untapped opportunities for mutual learning.


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