The Education vertical at the Asian Century Foundation is committed to advancing scholarship across East and Southeast Asia. Our aim is to enable high-quality, accessible scholarly work that develops capabilities of Indian students, scholars, practitioners, policy makers and public audiences to be able to understand and engage with our neighbors effectively.

We aim to build a thriving academic ecosystem with the capacity to foster a deep and multi-disciplinary understanding of Asia in India through research, learning and knowledge exchange.

Our activities fall in the following categories:

East Asia Studies

Programs designed to assist higher education institutions in building their capacity for East Asia Studies, an interdisciplinary field of study that will help students understand the region better, starting with China, the biggest Asian economy.

Capacity Building

Capacity building programs are aimed at researchers, practitioners, and professionals to help them enrich their own work in any development area with an in-depth understanding of experiences and learnings from other Asian countries.

Vocational Education and Training

We study the various successful Technical & Vocational Education and Training models in Asian countries with the aim to support development of India’s vocational training ecosystem.

ACF AsiaSlate

AsiaSlate is a digital initiative aimed democratizing high-quality understanding of Asia in India through a series of curated modules and online asynchronous courses, accessible to the general public.

Asian Studies Centers

Our mission is to build capacity in research and teaching of East Asia studies by instituting programs at top Indian private and public universities. We aim to do this by establishing well-functioning East Asia Studies Centers, providing language training to students and enabling access to world-class teaching resources. Our programs are focused on China and select ASEAN counties.

  • China Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship

  • Mandarin Language Teaching Program

  • Center at Ashoka University

The China Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship (CSPF) is an opportunity for recent PhDs in China Studies to conduct a two-year study on China under the guidance of established scholars and professors while teaching at top Indian universities. The CSPF Program is open to scholars who have completed their PhDs with a specific focus on China.

The CSPF Program is housed at Ashoka University and offered in collaboration with the Harvard-Yenching Institute. ACF is a pro-bono implementation partner for Ashoka University.

The first cohort of CSPF fellows for the year 2020-2022 and further details on the program can be found here.

The Mandarin Language Teaching Program (MALTEP) aims to develop and implement Mandarin language programs for Indian students

Language learning is a critical element of building capacity within the Indian system to be able to conduct in-depth research into neighboring countries. Our vision is to create easy access to language learning opportunities for Indian students, starting with the most commonly spoken one in the region, Mandarin.

The program is housed at Ashoka University; further details of the program can be found here.

To realise our vision of building East Asian Studies as a discipline in India, we are assisting Ashoka University in the creation of an academic center that would produce first-class scholarship. The China Studies Center at Ashoka University is poised to become a leading institute for China-related research in collaboration across disciplines.  We envision the Center at Ashoka University becoming a hub that enables the mainstreaming of Asia Studies in curricula at Indian universities.

Capacity Building

Capacity building takes the form of fellowships and learning opportunities for Indian researchers, practitioners, and professionals. Our capacity building initiatives are targeted at a variety of stakeholders across the development ecosystem. The content, duration and format are customized to the needs and objectives of the participants.

  • China-India Visiting Scholars Fellowship

Launched in 2019, the China-India Visiting Scholars Fellowship (CIVS) is fully funded opportunity for academics, policy experts and professionals who are interested in expanding current research to include China. CIVS will allow Fellows opportunities to enhance their knowledge of China, bolster their work through comparative study, include their learnings in classrooms, and present them at relevant forums.

Housed at Ashoka University, the 9-month research program is focused economics and development and open to scholars working in related fields. ACF is a pro-bono implementation partner for this fellowship.

The first cohort of CIVS fellows for the year 2020-2021 and further details on the program can be found here.

Applications for the second round of CIVS fellowship will open in January 2021.

Vocational Education & Training

With a larger working age population than dependents, India is in the phase of a large demographic dividend. Vocational training and skilling are critical for India to leverage this advantage and provide employment to millions.

While there are many reasons for unemployment, unemployability or lack of right skills is one of the more important ones. In this context, China and Vietnam’s success with vocational training offers interesting insights for India. At ACF, we are studying the these models closely with the aim to support the development of India’s vocational training ecosystem. Our programs are focused on research, capacity building and application of knowledge.

ACF AsiaSlate

ACF AsiaSlate, our digital initiative, has been developed with the aim of offering online courses and easy-to-consume modules on a variety of subjects related to Asia. The first ACF AsiaSlate offering is the upcoming China 101, which will provide beginners with foundational understanding of systems, structures, and sectors in contemporary China.

  • China Capsule 101

China Capsule 101 is a unique 8-week structured learning program providing beginners with highly-curated insights into contemporary China. 3 hours a week, 8 weeks, 8 globally-renowned experts, 1 hub – China Capsule 101.