The Education vertical at the Asian Century Foundation is committed to advancing scholarship across East and Southeast Asia. Our aim is to enable high-quality, accessible scholarly work that develops capabilities of Indian students, scholars, practitioners, policy makers and public audiences to be able to understand and engage with our neighbors effectively.

We aim to build a thriving academic ecosystem with the capacity to foster a deep and multi-disciplinary understanding of Asia in India through research, learning and knowledge exchange. In the coming years, we hope to leverage this capacity for the benefit of institutions in the Global South.

Our activities fall in the following categories:

East Asia Studies

Programs designed to assist higher education institutions in building their capacity for East Asia Studies, an interdisciplinary field of study that will help students understand the region better.

ACF AsiaSlate

AsiaSlate is a digital initiative aimed democratizing high-quality understanding of Asia in India through a series of curated modules and online asynchronous courses, accessible to the general public.

Asian Studies Centers

Our mission is to build capacity in research and teaching of East Asia studies by instituting programs at top Indian private and public universities. We aim to do this by establishing well-functioning East Asia Studies Centers, providing language training to students and enabling access to world-class teaching resources.

ACF AsiaSlate

AsiaSlate is a first-of-its-kind online learning platform offering innovative programs on East and Southeast Asia for learners from across sectors and levels of experience. Our highly curated approach makes AsiaSlate a comprehensive one-stop shop for learners in a fragmented and often overwhelming information landscape.

Our full courses and easy-to-consume modules bring together expertise from India, the US, the UK, and continental Europe on a variety of subjects, including technology, foreign policy, the economy, governance, and development.